creating the hearty iconic classic, the meat pie

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Creating the humble and hearty meat pie is no easy feat. It takes patience, a little bit more patience in enduring the cooling period, some brief troubleshooting and nimble fingers, especially for the young, and slightly inexperienced “pastry” home-cook that I am.

I found this recipe in one of my favourite recipe magazine fold-outs, and I decided I’d create it myself for the first time. In all honestly, I have a fear of baking and all things pastry. I avoid them quite a bit. It’s not essentially my forte, but these days I been encouraged to try (at least, a little) to overcome some obstacles I find along my daily travels.

Definitely overcoming my fears of trying the unknown and doing things “a little differently from the norm”, has been lingering on my subconscious for a very long time and it takes a bit more effort and time to overcome.

As most creatures of habit know, I don’t really like change, not then, not now and not in the future. I accept plan alterations not working out on any level – but in routine habits like dicing an onion in a certain way, as my husband would jokingly say I “do things inefficiently”, which I do because I like the way I have done things, it’s comfortable and I am used to it and doesn’t require much ‘change’.

But here I am, kneading the shortcrust pastry into the pie dishes with much gusto, unafraid with the fun and frivolity of trying to make an incredibly amateurish albeit ‘perfect’ meat pie.

This video captures a part of the process of me – making the pie along to  dreamy electronic music (Bazzi – Yellow Canary), like you do.

Please look forward to the ingredients and method in an upcoming recipe post.

Thank you for taking time to read my first inaugurating post at my new web home.

Much love,


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